The Stair Climbing Company - Flyer

The Stair Climbing Company provide innovative and safe stair climbing solutions for moving heavy loads or helping people move up and downstairs.

What We Did

  • Double-Sided Flyer

We worked with The Stair Climbing Company to design their branded promotional and marketing material, in this instance we designed a double-sided A5 flyer with styling to match that of their website, which was also designed and built by Enovate.

The process between our designers and The Stair Climbing Company was collaborative with plenty of discussion and iteration until we were all happy with the final flyer design and layout.

The process started by creating a document template, including the necessary print specifications, that we then introduced branding, content and imagery to. Fine-tuning and revisions were made to find the best way of accommodating the content and then draft versions were printed to test the concept ahead of the full print run.

The finished flyer is modern and visually striking whilst echoing the styling displayed on the website, ensuring that The Stair Climbing Company's offline and online work is kept consistent.

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