Network Buyer - Logo Design

Network Buyer supply computer networking equipment and accessories to a range of companies located around the world.

What We Did

  • Logo Design

Network Buyer approached Enovate with clear requirements in terms of how they wanted their logo to look and provided a range of examples from competitors and unrelated industry sectors to inspire us.

The Network Buyer team briefed us on what they liked and disliked in terms of design and the colour palette they wanted to use and then it was over to us to create a selection of logo concepts.

We like to create logo concepts as sketches with paper and pencil, this allows us to flesh out ideas quickly and either take forward as possible logo candidates or discard without using up too much time and budget.

From these concepts we chose three logo designs to take forward and develop into draft digital files and, following discussion with the client and integrating their feedback, we settled on a final version of the logo that was developed into a range of files suitable for use both online and offline.

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