Netgun Solutions - Company Branding

Netgun Solutions facilitate IT project continuity for multinational technology integrators, by providing reliable hardware procurement services at critical times.

What We Did

  • Business Cards
  • Product Brochures

Netgun Solutions approached us looking for a graphic design company to design a range of marketing materials for their business and staff, specifically business cards and individual product brochures.

We started with the business cards and took inspiration from the existing Netgun Solutions logo and corporate branding. Variations of the business card designs were sent back and forth to gather the client's feedback and creative input. Following a number of adjustments and revisions we reached a final version that the client was happy to approve and from which we generated print ready files.

We then turned our attention to the product brochures and again, it was important to reference all the available branding material to ensure a consistent look-and-feel was used and everything felt visually coherent. Each brochure contained a large amount of content and a lot of technical data so it was important to find a good balance between design and readability.

After experimenting with a number of layouts and presentation options we settled on a muted colour scheme with clearly defined text and a branded header to give the document the Netgun Solutions stamp.

The finished brochures were approved by the client and print files prepared and sent to the client's designated print partner.

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