Go Communications - Pop-up Calendar

Go Communications provide refurbished Cisco equipment, finished to exceptional standards, rigorously tested and immaculately packaged.

What We Did

  • Pop-up calendar

Go Communications have been a long-standing client of ours and they asked us to create a range of branded promotional and marketing material for them. The process we followed was very much collaborative with plenty of iteration until they were happy with the designs we created.

We wanted to design a modern promotional product that would be memorable and decided to use a 3D pop-up calendar. Making sure we meet the client's requirements was our highest priority and we wanted to perfect the visual style of the calendar before going further into the project but the time invested in developing the design was worthwhile.

The reason for choosing a 3D pop-up calendar as a marketing device was that it resonated with Go Communication's own brand values - modern, innovative, eye-catching - and given the huge amount of competition within their sector something as distinct as this has certainly helped them stand out from the crowd.

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