Junior Golf School - Marketing Materials

Junior Golf School commissioned Enovate to design a range of marketing materials to help promote their services to potential clients

What We Did

  • Leaflet design
  • Christmas themed leaflet
  • Double-sided business card
  • Gift voucher

Junior Golf School approached Enovate with a number of graphic design tasks, they needed a leaflet to help with the promotion of their business as well as every-day items such as business cards and gift vouchers.

We began with a standard version of their leaflet using their existing logo, character motif, colour scheme and font and once that had been approved we were able to create a Christmas themed version of the same leaflet.

The business cards and gift vouchers took inspiration from the leaflet design so that the look-and-feel of all the branded materials was kept consistent.

We really enjoyed working with this playful brand and hope the artwork we created helped encourage youngsters to get involved in golf.

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